I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the coaching packages I offered…

I must say, I’m so pleased with the redesign of my website!

I have done a lot of research (thank you to everyone that shared insights and ideas with me) and have created an online booking system that puts you at the heart of your coaching journey.

Why did you buck the trend of the coaching industry?

Completing a business course this year has given me time to reflect on how I was running my coaching practice. Having coached people for years, and knowing everyone is unique and requires something different from coaching, I started to feel uncomfortable that I was offering individuals coaching packages that signed them up to a set number of sessions. I did this because it was the advice offered to me by my business coach as it fits with the industry ‘standard’ and meant I had an easier way to manage a steady cashflow.

Although I know the benefits of being coached over a period of time - being held accountable for action between sessions really helps keep focus and momentum - depending on the goal that was being worked on, the start point of the individual and so many other factors, sometimes this may mean 12 weeks worth of fortnightly sessions was required, but sometimes it just needed 2 weekly sessions.

And then there are the times that you just need a sounding board, time to reflect on one or more things, to then be able to create plans to move forward. You know you have the motivation to follow through on an action plan, you just need the time and space to think through what the action plan actually needs to be!

I believe we are all unique, I want to empower women to take control of their lives and personal development, yet I was dictating how much coaching was required, because it suited me.

So, that is the reason I have stopped offering 'packages' - a set amount of coaching over a period of time. Instead, I have created some options where you can 'pick and choose' what is required for you.

  • If you want an intensive day or half day to work on plans for several life changes, that is available to you! 

  • If you want 30 or 60 minute coaching sessions either regularly or adhoc, that is available to you! 

  • If you want a DiSC profile and time to deepen your self awareness, that is available to you! 

  • And if you are unsure how long you think you'd need to achieve a goal, you can keep coming back and booking coaching sessions at intervals that feel right for the speed of progress you want to achieve, until the goal is reached. 

This way you are totally in control of both scheduling sessions and only paying for the number of sessions you actually need.

But I’m new to coaching and really don’t know how many sessions I need…

From my experience, if you are working on one behavioural change goal, fortnightly 1 hour sessions over 2-3 months is normally sufficient. However, you might have already done some work on the change area, or are highly motivated and know you can make lasting changes quickly when you set your mind to something, or can only commit to 30 minute follow up calls, or you know you want to make changes in a shorter window of time. 

You can choose to commit to a set number of sessions upfront, if you know this is what you need to keep you accountable, or you can book sessions as and when you need them. I wanted to put you back in control of your personal development and growth, depending on your needs, and I have set the pricing so that you are not disadvantaged by deciding to choose a ‘pay as you go’ type model, if that works best for you.

Ah yes, the pricing! You are more expensive than some other coaches I am looking into...

I know I am. When you are coached by me you are getting a coach that has over 7 years professional experience, is qualified to post-graduate level in coaching skills, is a member of the Association for Coaching and is fully insured. I continue to invest in my own personal and professional development to keep being the best coach I can be. My prices reflect both the quality of coaching you are receiving, and shows your commitment to achieving your own goals. 

This is all sounding good, but I’m still not sure you are the coach for me...

Choosing the right coach for you at this point in your personal development journey is important and is a decision that shouldn’t be rushed. You can still schedule a free, no-obligation call with me to answer any questions you may have. Unlike some other ‘discovery calls’ though, I don’t treat this like a sales call. I am there to answer your questions and to help you decide if coaching with me is right for you at this point in time. I will talk about the coaching on offer, but I won’t ask you to sign up on the call. You will receive an email from me a day or so after the call which will have a link so if you want to book coaching with me, you have all the information you need to do this, but there is no pressure either way. 

I am the expert in coaching, but you are the expert in your life! 

I want to empower you to be able to choose coaching that fits in with both your lifestyle and how you want to achieve your life goals.

And, if the time is right for you now to have coaching, and you feel I am the coach for you, please feel free to book the sessions that will work for you here!