Go Love Yourself!

I believe self care is so important. The airplane analogy always springs to mind - in case of an emergency, sort your own mask before helping someone with theirs. The same is true in life. You can only give when you have the energy to give. If you are constantly exhausted, even if you think you are giving to others, you are not giving your best - you may be giving the best you can give at that moment, but it isn’t the best you could give compared to when you are at 100%.

Self care is about looking after yourself and improving your own health and wellbeing - physically, mentally and emotionally. It is connected with knowing and appreciating your self-worth. You are finding activities that are important to your wellness and prioritising these. So, in a busy world, how do you find time to take care of yourself, especially with so many influences making us feel bad when we do this. And what does self care actually look like anyway?! If you are looking for your own inspiration, this Forbes blog post gives 10 suggestions for starting and improving your self-care routine.

It is okay to love and care for yourself first. Give yourself permission.

To me, self care is any time or activity where you are relaxed and ‘in the flow’ - so it might be a spa day, reading a good book, playing a musical instrument, practicing yoga, going for a run, colouring a mandala, knitting, sewing, crafting, cooking, baking, writing. It is doing the activity you want to do, rather than you think you ‘should’ be doing. It is taking time for fun, for something that is just for enjoyment. It is time out of the day to do something that is special for you. It focuses your mind totally. It makes you smile. It engrosses you. It recharges you. It makes you happy. No-one else needs to understand it.

This type of activity tends to be meditative - you become very present and ‘in the moment’. Because you are focused on what you are doing, your mind becomes quieter, concentrating on the task at hand. It is often during these times you get that ‘break through’, the solution to the problem that had been keeping you awake at night, the answer to the question you had been worried about. Giving yourself space means your mind recharges; it is always working, but you give it time to process because you quiet all the other noise. It has a chance to reflect, to work through your thoughts, and time to come up with the solution, without the constant day-to-day pressure.

Self care or personal development?

Self care and personal development, for some, may seem like separate things. You might consider personal development about change and growth - identifying some goal and putting plans in place to achieve it; whereas self care is about doing something now, for the joy of it. You may not think you have time for both.

Self care could be considered immediate whereas personal development is about longer term goal achievement.

For me, they are very much linked. Partly, because I love reading and listening to self-help books and developing new ideas and strategies, so this is part of my self-care rituals. But I also think that even when you have identified a longer term personal development goal, you are still needing to take actions to achieve it. Sometimes those actions may not be ‘fun’ as I have defined it for self-care above, but it is part of a self-care ritual to make time for these things so you can achieve your longer term goals. You are saying you and your goals are important and you are making them a priority. You are valuing yourself and caring for your needs in both the long and short term.

Go Love Yourself!

And this is why I love Go Love Yourself. It is the number one personal growth subscription box for women. It provides subscribers monthly with a personal development or self help book, resources such as workbooks to support reflection and to embed the strategies from the books into your life and access to a supportive, exclusive online community. It encourages you to spend time on you each and every month. Time to read. Time to reflect. Time to coach yourself. Time to converse with like minded individuals. Time to grow. Time to develop. Time to just be. What a gift to yourself!

In March 2019 the Go Love Yourself box is focusing on the Imposter Syndrome, and I am thrilled to be a featured coach! We are reading and discussing ‘The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women’ by Valerie Young; I am offering free 30 minute coaching sessions to Go Love Yourself subscribers; I will be sharing hints and tips, answering questions and providing encouragement in the Facebook community. I would love to see you there!

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