Lindsey Hood, Life Coach

What My Clients Say About Being Coached By Me…

The DiSC profile and the work we did together really helped me to understand the way I work from a different perspective and also really helped me to work out where to put my focus. I had so many business ideas but objectively looking at myself allowed me to step back and see which business ideas actually fitted best. I haven’t felt this motivated in a long while and my conversations with you played such a big part in being able to channel that motivation in the right direction. I have been recommending your services to anyone/everyone I speak to.
— Siobhan Fox

Lindsey is an absolute superstar! Loved every minute of our session and, as always, I’ve come away invigorated! Thank you for helping me remember me!
— Nadia Refae

I’ve worked with Lindsey for a few years now and find her approach and support invaluable to helping me achieve both my professional and personal goals, with a particular emphasis on balancing the two to help me achieve maximum success.

She is extremely personable while remaining professional at all times and drew on her years of management experience to understand the challenges I was facing and how to overcome them.

I cannot recommend Lindsey enough and will continue to go to her when I need support and direction in achieving my future goals.
— Charlotte Lidster

Thanks very much for the coaching session this morning. I’m feeling so much more positive about undertaking what I need to, to progress with my chosen career path. I feel I now have the energy & the ability to build on my confidence issues that have held me back so far. Not anymore!! Thank you x
— Joanne Farmer

Lindsey has worked with me during several times in my life where I needed guidance and help in working out my options and creating a clear plan of action. I find Lindsey to be very patient and has a warm caring energy. She is very encouraging and positive. Working with her really helped me work out what I wanted to achieve and what I needed to do get there. I would definitely recommend her to other people who are looking to enhance their lives and build on their successes.
— Claire Ibbotson

Lindsey helped me through coaching just after I had taken voluntary redundancy last year. I wanted to take time to open my mind and explore the possible choices that might be available, rather than just continue to do what was familiar. She was excellent at asking just the right questions to draw out thoughts and facilitate my answers. Lindsey has a perfect approach, never pushing, just allowing and prompting at the right moments. She capably steered me over bumpy periods when the straight path became a little challenging and inspired me to think positively about what is important to me. I highly recommend Lindsey as the person to guide you through times of change and growth in a supportive, empowering way. Thank you!
— Sara Greenwood

Lindsey has been supporting me to identify and secure promotion at work. She has helped me prioritise and focus on my strengths in order to give me more confidence and motivation. Lindsey has challenged me to think with a different perspective which has helped me to broaden my outlook and seek new challenges to support my ongoing development. Thank you so much for your help and support Lindsey xx
— Carla Jefferson

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the coaching time you spent with me. The questions I came to you with were not really the questions I needed to be asking myself and your patience and gentle guidance has made me realise this.

You helped me to identify the areas I needed to concentrate on, but also helped me to see the personal strengths that I already have that will support me in achieving my goals. You have also offered future help through the practical steps that I will need to work through.

Thank you for both your time and your ongoing support.
— Gini Cooling

After a very tough year work wise my consultation with Lindsey really brought life back into perspective. She helped me realise that life is what you make of it and a positive attitude can work wonders. Thank you so much.
— Emily Farren

I used to become very anxious of things I couldn’t control, which began to affect my professional and personal life. Lindsey kindly agreed to work with me to address this and I can honestly say, this was the best decision I have ever made! Even though I have met Lindsey briefly in a social environment, she was nothing but professional during our session and made me feel at ease about sharing such a personal issue. She gave me some really valuable exercises I could do if I began to feel anxious and I have continued to use these in day to day life. If you are looking for a life coach, I would say your search is now over as you have found the best around!
— Nadine West

Business is fantastic, I’ve had a crazy amount of bookings this month for my Power Hour sessions which is amazing! I feel this is all down to you - so thank you!!!

If anyone is on the fence about business coaching, I recommend you have a chat with Lindsey. She will 1000% motivate you and improve your business!
— Susie Harris

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