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Help! I've changed my mind...

Have you got it all figured out? Yes, great! No, great!

This blog post explores the benefits of exploration and trying new things, as well as being confident in the path you have chosen for yourself. Remember, this is your life, your journey, your adventure - it is your responsibility to love the life you are living - and, if you are not, only you have the power to change this!

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What is confidence and why is it important?

Confidence is often cited as a key attribute required for [career] success, for many reasons ranging from improving communication and decision making skills to being able to fully show up without fear of judgement.

However defining confidence can be difficult because it means different things to different people.

This blog post is the content of a recent white paper I wrote, based off of the results of some independent research I completed about confidence, and includes some ideas, based off of participants feedback, on ways to increase your self-confidence.

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How do I believe in myself again?

I work with amazing, successful, talented women. However, there are times, when we start working together, that they haven’t just lost their spark, they have fizzled out entirely and cannot remember a time they felt confident, amazing, or even just adequate.

If you are feeling a little flat, I want to give you 7 thoughts and ideas to help build yourself back up again, so you can start seeing yourself as others do, to feel the love for yourself that others feel for you and to believe what I believe, that you are uniquely awesome, just the way you are!

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